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We will provide you with whatever specification grinding wheel you require. At Wessex we only use the best, which produces the highest quality product. We will never compromise on the quality of the raw materials that go into our wheels.

All of our Superabrasive wheels are made from only De Beers raw materials, with quality materials and pre-treatments being used to fabricate our bonds. All of our wheels are produced within a certified ISO9001 and 9002 quality environment which ensures a consistent product, the same one each time.

Why not request a couple of test wheels for you to see how our promises are well founded? If our wheel does not perform how you want it to, we will replace it, or give you your money back, no questions asked.

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Everything will be built to your own specifications

The objective of any grinding wheel is to fulfil a number of different criteria and requirements; both technical and economic. The objective is to strike the perfect balance for the application you perform.

Each operator works differently and subjects each wheel to different stresses than another. What is an effective wheel for one is not necessarily the most effective for another.

Over time each operator will develop their own formula and theory as to the optimal balance for the work at hand. There is no magic formula.

We will provide any wheel in whatever formula you require, our experts will be on hand to discuss your requirements.

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Backed up by a solid Quality promise

Our high quality product is backed up by a premium quality promise.  In the unlikely event that you ever experience a problem with one of our wheels, we will work with you to identify the root cause, and take action.

This is backed by a no questions money back guarantee. There is nothing to lose!

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