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In today's challenging times, cost is a major factor in the selection of a Superabrasive wheel supplier. You have to be able to manage your costs, reducing and saving where possible, to maximise the business income from the work you do.

Value for money is essential. You need to make sure that whatever wheels you use they are of the quality you need to do the job right.

Constant development

For us, R&D never stops, it is constantly evolving giving our customers the very latest, up-to-date products giving constant reliable quality performance.

We pride ourselves in our in-house R&D. With over 50 years experience in the production, development and application of resin bonded diamond and CBN grinding wheels, our technology has constantly been developed. This ensures that our customers receive a free cutting wheel that consistently delivers a quality finish, with long lasting durability.

Risk free trial

We are sure you will agree that this sounds good, but the proof of the claim lies within the performance of our wheels in your environment.

Why not order a couple of test wheels for you to evaluate our products under your working conditions and see how well they perform?

If in the unlikely event they don't perform to your standards, then we will evaluate the reasons why, upgrade them and replace them, for free; or simply give you your money back - what can you lose?



Wessex International Tooling Ltd.
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Company name: Wessex International Tooling Ltd
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